AWP Mentorship Program: Writer to Writer

I am excited to have been selected as a mentee in the AWP Mentorship Program,  matched with mentor Gail Folkins, a writer in Seattle, who calls herself a “writer of place” – the reason we are a good pair. There were over 400 applicants, and only nineteen selected, so I’m very grateful to be a part of the program.

Writing is part of who I am. Like many writers, I’ve been creating prose and poetry since youth. I’ve dedicated this year to moving writing from a passion to a profession. This is more than challenging. It’s discouraging, brutal, heart-wrenching, and just plain tough. Rejections are the norm and any minor success is followed by short-lived jubilation and then more rejections. Having a mentor to learn from and share with will be an incredible boost.

I write because, yes, it is part of me, my passion, built into my core. And hopefully, with my wandering life path and a great deal of study, I’ve gained a bit of experience so that perhaps I now have something worthwhile to say, something that may inspire others or increase awareness of what I’m writing about. I do believe the hard work will pay off in the end. So I’ll keep at it, with great thanks that I have a mentor for a few months.

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