About Me

I live in Montana, and thrive on its land and wild places. When not in Montana, I’m usually found in Scotland, a country that has become a second home, and a place that has taught me much about “wild places” and cultural landscapes. Walking, travelling, writing, and learning are essential parts of who I am; as such it’s been a wandering life path, providing experiences and insights I share through teaching. See the Education and Experience pages for a bit of that path.

My professional goal is to contribute to a greater awareness and understanding of the natural world and how we interact with and think about it.  Given that rather expansive goal and my eclectic professional life, I’m never quite sure what to call myself: I always know I am a Naturalist and Writer, often I feel like an Independent Scholar, frequently I function as a Teacher. Sometimes I refer to myself as a Human Ecologist, or a Cultural Ecologist, or occasionally an Environmental Historian.  So labels aside, I simply set out to do my best towards achieving my goal.